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Oran Brown, the CEO of My Greeting Cards is very proud to bring you an innovative approach to sending out greeting cards.
Designed to save its customers time and money, My Greeting Cards offer you a unique opportunity to send personalized greeting cards with your personal message to anyone you wish to within the USA.

First, I want our customers to recognize is the fact that when you go to purchase a greeting card at a local discount store, you are spending considerable time and effort searching for the right card with the right message to relay to the recipient you wish to send the card to. My Greeting Cards allow you to download your own personally recorded message into your selected card from the comforts of your own home which saves you a trip to the store, gas and time from settling for cards which may not express the exact message you would like to relay to the party you are sending to. As the old adage goes, time is money!

Second, My Greeting Cards eliminates the hassle of standing inline at the post office to purchase stamps to get your card delivered in a timely manner. My Greeting Cards sends your card for you on the date you desire to have your card delivered.

My Greeting Cards saves you time and gas money not to mention waiting in long lines.

The best and largest value of purchasing your greeting cards through My Greeting Cards is that every time you purchase a card you will be helping those who put their lives on the line for our freedom!

The CEO has pledged to donate partial proceeds to Military Inclusion which is a San Diego, California organization that hosts resource and career fairs for Veterans, Active Duty Military and their Spouses all over the US. In addition, Military Inclusion currently provides free job training & job placement for women veterans transitioning out of the military.

We Support Our Troops

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