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  • Phone: 619-277-9099
  • Hours: 7 Days a week from 10:00AM – 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time

Thousands of veterans, mature adults and kids lay sick in a hospital bed this very moment.

Take a moment to uplift the spirit of many who are going through traumatic experiences!

Helping Others In A Difficult Time In Life!

Choose a photo on the website or upload any photo of choice and your customized audio message.

We deliver to National Veteran Health Care Organizations, Children’s Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home Health Care/Hospice and Community Hospitals

Not Sure What to Say?

You don’t know me, but I want you to know today that there are people in this world who actually care about you!

We know that you are in the hospital trying to get better and we want to see you do well.

My Greeting Cards in partnership with your health care provider and hospital have created a “Community Cares” program.

This program is design to uplift your spirits; because a strong body must come from a strong mind.

We need you to take a deep breath and try to think positive several times each day!

Imagine yourself in a tranquil place where peace, love, harmony and comfort completely surrounds you.

You might seem weak and yet, you are strong. God has given you the strength to carry on, all you have to do is simply ask for good health and you will receive it, but first you must believe!

Give yourself what only you can give, comfort and peace of mind, one day at a time is all it takes, …..one day at a time, getting stronger and stronger each day.

God bless you with good health in your recovery. May God keep you always in his thoughts. May God shine his light upon you always, despite your past transgressions. Believe that you deserve the best of health.

And when you leave this hospital in great health, do something good for someone else so we can make this world a better place.

(Optional) Include your name, city and email address in your audio greeting message.

When you purchase a greeting card, partial proceeds will go to Veteran organizations, selected hospitals and senior living organizations that care for the elderly, youth and veteran medical centers around the country.